Tiger House Free Movie Download HD

Title : Tiger House Free Movie Download HD
Release : 2015
Country : UK, South Africa
Stars : Brandon Auret, Daniel Boyd, Dougray Scott, Kaya Scodelario
Quality : 720p
Genre : 2015, Action, Crime, Drama, English Movies, Thriller

Tiger House Free Movie Download HD (612 MB)↓

Tiger House Free Movie Download HDKelly sneaks into her boyfriend’s house but tonight, she’s not the only unwelcome visitor. As the situation spirals out of control, the suburban house becomes a terrifying arena for violence.A teenage couple spends a night at his place. The mother doesn’t like the girl, Kelly, because she thinks her son has a future and Kelly only stacks shelves at a supermarket. The house is rather large and has cameras everywhere. Occasionally we see poor quality views of all 8 cameras on a screen. There we learn that 4 masked guys kill the dog and make their way into the house, just as Kelly lets her boyfriend know she’s pregnant. The kid hears noises, leaves the room with a bat, a scuffle ensues and suddenly someone opens the door forcing Kelly to hide under the bed just in time. Tiger House Free Movie Download HD

Tiger House Free Movie Download HD It’s two bad guys. One of them, the brains of the operation, has a chunk of glass in his abdomen and is bleeding profusely. They put him on the bed while another guy monitors the radio.In the meantime two other bad guys have left, kidnapping the kid’s father.The bad guys learn that the mother is actually a dr so they get her to attend the injured guy for a bit. She discovers Kelly under the bed, but soon enough the mom and the kid are again gagged and bound in the main bedroom. At some point Kelly manages to escape the bedroom. Then some stranger knocks on the door and comes in, he is killed by the other bad guy who’s sort of the dummy of the group. Tiger House Free Movie Download HD .

Tiger House Free Movie Download HD

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