The Machinist 2004 Movie Free Download HD

Title : The Machinist 2004 Movie Free Download HD
Release : 2004
Country : USA
Stars : Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Anna Massey, Christian Bale, Craig Stevenson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Sharian, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Matthew Romero Moore, Michael Ironside, Reg E. Cathey
Quality : 720p
Genre : Drama, English Movies, Thriller

The Machinist 2004 Movie Free Download HD (651 MB)↓

The Machinist 2004 Movie Free Download HDTrevor Reznik (Christian Bale) is a mechanic whose a sleeping disorder has prompted him getting withered. His appearance and conduct fend his colleagues off, and they inevitably betray him when he is associated with a mishap which causes his collaborator, Miller, to lose his left arm. Trevor, who was occupied by a new associate named Ivan, is accused for the mishap. Nobody at the processing plant is aware of Ivan and there are no records of him. Trevor appears to discover harmony just with Stevie, a whore with certifiable warmth for him, and with Maria, a server at an air terminal cafe he frequents. He is spooky by brief flashes of repeating symbolism, and things, for example, his vehicle cigarette lighter interpretation of a threatening air. A baffling arrangement of post-it notes show up on his cooler, portraying a round of executioner.WIKI

These dubious episodes send him further into neurosis, yet he in any case endeavors to build up a relationship with Maria. Meeting her at an event congregation, Trevor goes with her child Nicholas on an enjoyment house ride called “Highway 666”. The ride, initially an innocuous alarm ride, starts to show progressively upsetting pictures for Trevor as it advances, and its blazing lights cause Nicholas to endure an epileptic seizure. No longer ready to think obviously, Trevor suspects that the strange occasions are a purposeful exertion to make him crazy. These thoughts are taken care of to him in little irregular hints. One of them is an image of Ivan angling with Trevor’s associate Reynolds, which he finds in Ivan’s wallet when Ivan leaves it unattended in a bar. Another close mishap at work causes Trevor to lash out in rage at his associates; subsequently, he is quickly terminated. Progressively occupied and estranged, Trevor neglects to cover his utility tabs and his power is detached. A dim, gooey fluid starts streaming out of the cooler, covering the fridge entryway with dashes of what has all the earmarks of being blood. The Machinist 2004 Movie Free Download HD .IMDB

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The Machinist 2004 Movie Free Download HD

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