The Colony Movie Download Free HD

Title : The Colony Movie Download Free HD
Release : 2013
Country : Canada
Stars : Bill Paxton, Charlotte Sullivan, Kevin Zegers, Laurence Fishburne
Quality : 720p
Genre : 2013, Action, English Movies, Horror, Science Fiction

The Colony Movie Download Free HD (754 MB)↓

The Colony Movie Download Free HD. Forced underground by the following ice age, a battling station of survivors must battle to safeguard humankind against a danger considerably more savage than nature.Groups of individuals – provinces – are constrained underground because of another ice age. State 7 goes to beware of Colony 5, which they lost contact with. When they arrive they find that the settlement has fallen and there is a radical new foe that they need to confront on their way back. The producers chose to join a post-prophetically calamitous experience with a zombie picture, and it was an entirely smart thought. Here, Earth has entered a moment ice age, executing the vast majority of mankind, yet scattered stations of survivors stay in underground areas. The Colony Movie Download Free HD

The Colony Movie Download Free HD One such place is Colony 7, where around 50 individuals dig in a relinquished manufacturing plant and attempt to make due off of some spared seeds utilized for cultivating in a nursery alongside dissolved water. It is difficult, with the normal icy being lethal and contaminated individuals compelled to either leave or be shot. There are a few stories going on, the endeavors to survive, the good natured yet not by any stretch of the imagination effective administration of Briggs (Laurence Fishbourne) the romantic tale between Sam (Kevin Zegers) a youthful inhabitant faithful to Briggs and beautiful botanist Kai (Charlotte Sullivan) who is responsible for the seed stock, and aggressor armed force veteran Mason (Bill Paxon) who needs to introduce himself as the province’s tyrant. This reaches a crucial stage when a pain flag is gotten from Colony 5,a comparative station a few days away. Whenever Briggs, Sam, and another inhabitant (Atticus Dean Mitchell) climb there to give help, fiasco strikes. The Colony Movie Download Free HD .

The Colony Movie Download Free HD

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