Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD

Title : Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD
Release : 2007
Country : USA
Stars : Clancy Brown, Karl Urban, Moon Bloodgood, Russell Means
Quality : 720p
Genre : Action, English Movies

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Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD. A young Viking boy is left behind at a hostile tribe of American Indians, whom eventually accept him into the tribe and raise him. A personal war begins for the young Viking when the Vikings return 15 years later and initiate a barbaric attack on the tribe and the woman he loves.Nipsel and company basically hybridized the structure of Dances with Wolves with a not-quite-historical fiction (more like radical speculation) plot about interactions between Norsemen and Native Americans during the 12th century A.D.Ghost (Karl Urban) is a Norse boy left behind aboard a wrecked ship. He is adopted by the Clan of the Dog (the dogs who cohabitate with this tribe are historically inaccurate, but that’s just one of many historical transgressions). Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD

Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD As he grows up, Ghost’s obvious difference and his history become something of a stumbling block for him, but he works hard to overcome them in order to be accepted by his adoptive people. Eventually, it seems, he must confront the demons of his past, and unfortunately, so must the Clan of the Dog.Pathfinder is played well by Russell Means, and Ghost’s love interest – Starfire – is nicely portrayed by Moon Bloodgood. Urban has great physical talent, but this story did not lend itself to testing his ability to create drama and mood, so there isn’t much to say about his performance. Likewise, most of the Norse characters were so under-developed and one-dimensional that it is impossible to comment on the performances involved.The film contains a lot of violence, most of which is convincingly shot. The costuming is excellent, and the sets are lovely. if you can get past the problems – which are several – you may just enjoy it. Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD .

Pathfinder Free Movie Download HD

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