Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD

Title : Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD
Release : 1992
Country : India
Stars : Divya Bharti, Rishi Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan
Quality : 720p
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Hindi Movies

Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD (1.4 GB)↓

Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD. Kajal is a beautiful and talented young woman who loves songs and dances and attends various shows. At one of the shows she attended she gets to meet Ravi, a popular singer and both are head over heel in love with each other and they soon got married. Kajal relocates to Ravi’s parental mansion and is all welcome as a bride there. But soon her marriage life goes over the board when Ravi’s scheming cousin and uncle has him killed. Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD

Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD Unable to bear the shock Kajal relocates to a different city and gets to meet the wealthy and care-free Raja Sahai, who proposes marriage to her but she refuses and wants to live as Ravi’s widow but destiny has other plans for her. During the eighties, a talented youth from Delhi started his acting career through TV serials and got popular through serials like Fauji and Circus. Then he got a break in the Hindi movie industry established in Mumbai(then Bombay) which was his ultimate aim. Popular heroine turned producer Hema Malini signed him for her first directorial venture which was titled as Dil Aashna Hai casting him opposite a very young girl who had already become a star in her own right. Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD

Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD This girl was Divya Bhaarti and this boy was Shah Rukh Khan now fondly called as SRK in the cine-world.However prior to Dil Aashna Hai, another movie signing these two got released first and is now credited as Shah Rukh Khan’s debut movie. Deewana film download , Deewana Movie Download Free , Deewana Hd Movie Download , Deewana movie download , Deewana Movie hd Download , Download free Deewana , Download movie Deewana , Download film Deewana , Deewana Download Movie , Download Deewana , Deewana Download , Download Deewana Full Movie in HD Bluray ,Deewana Full Movie Download Free ,Deewana Full Movie Download

Deewana Full Movie Download Free HD

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